Free Research: The Social Market Research Renaissance


People create billions of social posts every day — and companies know those posts carry insights. Market researchers have long dreamt of a social-powered “market research 3.0.”

But early social listening tools forced researchers to dig through piles of unstructured text to discover unrepresentative and inaccurate data. Many still haven’t given social a second chance; in 2018 just 46% of market researchers used social listening data.

The good news: Social market research has overcome its initial problems. Listening platforms now offer data that’s structured, representative, and accurate. Market researchers are using social data to discover buyer needs, develop new products, identify problem products, create better marketing, and even predict sales.

This report details four ways your company can take advantage of social data, too. "The Social Market Research Renaissance" is a free 14-page report written by former Forrester principal analyst Nate Elliott. This research features:

  • 8 charts and figures

  • Data from 12 sources

  • Examples from 9 brands


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Photo credit: Mechanical calculator by Ralf Steinberger / CC BY-SA 2.0.