Free Research: Social Measurement Secrets, 2019


Marketers say measuring ROI is by far their biggest social challenge. Worse, they admit they're not getting any better at it. And just one-quarter of CMOs say they can prove the impact of social programs.

Sound familiar? You're probably measuring the wrong data. You can't demonstrate social success by reporting engagement and followers. Your boss wants to hear about things that matter to the company like brand lift, leads, and sales.

The good news is your company already has the tools and frameworks you need to effectively measure social. This report details which metrics and tools you should use, and gives examples from more than a dozen leading brands.

"Social Measurement Secrets: 2019" is a free 11-page report written by former Forrester principal analyst Nate Elliott. This research features:

  • 7 charts and figures

  • Data from 12 sources

  • Insights from leading social platforms like Facebook

  • Interviews with leading brands like Virgin, T-Mobile, and The Seattle Seahawks


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Photo credit: Rowan Peter / CC BY-SA 2.0.