Free Research: The ABCs of Social Success in 2019


In 2019 billions of people use social media and every company tries to reach them there.

But if you struggle to find value from social, you’re not alone. Only half of social marketers think Facebook marketing works and just one-quarter of CMOs can prove social’s impact.

Social marketing will never be easy — but our ABCs framework increases your chances of success. This report details four steps you can use to drive business outcomes from social.

"The ABCs of Social Success in 2019" is a free 14-page report — featuring examples from 11 leading brands — written by former Forrester principal analyst Nate Elliott.

Andrew Rosch, Trek’s director of marketing strategy, calls the ABCs a “powerful framework.” Maggie Malek, VP at social agency MMI, says “the steps it outlines are important for social media world domination.”


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Photo credit: Fort Edmonton Park by IQRemix / CC BY-SA 2.0.