Nineteen Insights offers research, advisory, and consulting on digital marketing and on disability and inclusion.

Nate Elliott, the principal of Nineteen Insights, has shaped digital marketing and media for more than 20 years and been called “one of the most influential social media analysts in the world.” As a Forrester analyst and a DoubleClick product manager he's worked with every big online publisher, brand, and agency. You can learn more about Nate's background and experience here.

Our disability and inclusion work covers accessible marketing, inclusive hiring, and universal design. We help marketers understand why and how they should make their digital marketing more accessible. We also advise companies why and how they should build mixed-ability teams.

Our marketing research and advisory helps brands like Capital One and the Seattle Seahawks define their social marketing visions and write social road maps and strategy plans. We run strategy and training workshops, conduct social audits, and offer project consulting. It also helps vendors like LinkedIn and Hootsuite build and launch new products and offerings. We counsel product teams on features and functionality, advise marketing teams on launch plans and positioning, and deliver thought leadership through white papers and speeches.

If you work in digital marketing, Nineteen Insights can help you:

Demonstrate thought leadership
We've written 200 research reports and given more than 500 speeches. We've also won an armful of research awards and mentored dozens of young analysts. You can call on Nineteen Insights for:

  • Speeches and webinars. We deliver talks that challenge and inspire audiences, like this keynote at the Social Monitoring Forum.

  • Custom research. We write original research that generates leads, like this report for Simply Measured.

  • Ghostwritten reports. We work behind the scenes to produce research you'll be proud to publish.

  • Research training and editing. We help your team plan a research calendar, write surveys, build report plans, and write and edit content.

Build and launch products
We help vendors successfully bring products to market. For instance, in 2016 we helped Lithium build and launch Lithium Reach; the product was named a leader in its first Forrester Wave. Katy Keim, the product's GM, said hiring us was "the best launch decision I made." You can call on Nineteen Insights for help with:

  • Features and functionality. We prioritize your development plan based on marketer needs, then review features and tell you how to improve functionality and usability.

  • Competitive analyses. We compare your product with competitors' and tell you how to beat their offerings.

  • Marketing and sales. We develop launch marketing plans and write scripts for competitive sales scenarios.

Create great marketing
We've helped hundreds of brands around the world build successful marketing strategies and tactics. You can call on Nineteen Insights for: 

  • Marketing road maps. We help you define how digital marketing will achieve business goals. For instance, we developed a social marketing vision and a 3-year road map for a top financial services brand.

  • Marketing measurement strategies. We help you define metrics that matter so you can set goals and implement tracking tools before your campaigns go live.

  • Marketing workshops. We teach your team digital marketing strategies and tactics. For instance, we trained coworking brand Factory in social marketing best practices.

If you'd like to work with Nineteen Insights, contact us today.